Biro Psikologi & Pusat Pelatihan Solutiva Consulting Indonesia

PT Sansyu Precision Indonesia

PT Sansyu Precision Indonesia (SPI) is the largest production facility we have in Asia.Following the steps of the Batam factory, SPI was established aiming larger production volumes to cope with our customers’ needs. With full support of the headquarters, SPI is able to ensure the same high quality levels we offer our customers in othe Sansyu group locations.

Company Philosophy


  • We always strive to supply “Small and precise” parts regardless of their application field, with new and innovative approaches.
  • This is how we define our work here at Sansyu Group.
  • We are proud of providing high-tech solutions to our customer’s needs;
  • helping our customers attain their goals succesfully is Sansyu’s continuous challenge in the world of precision.

Out Three Keys

  • High quality is the indispensable requirement to earn customer’s confidence
  • “Zero rejects” is the first step to strictly keep delivery dates
  • Zero rejection also implies that materials, time, staff work, and other resources are been used rationally

Our three characteristics be active & flexible

  • Always take a look to new things… Curiosity
  • Do not puzzle ourselves endlessly with those new things… Judgement
  • Have courage to challenge those new things… Executive ability


  • Interesting & challenging work is usually done with estable and continuous effort
  • Working with effort continuously surely produces successful results
  • Succesful results make our work more interesting

Alamat: Kawasan EJIP Plot. 8C No. A4-A5, Jalan Ciujung, Sukaresmi, Cikarang Selatan, Sukaresmi, Cikarang Sel., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17550

PT Sansyu Precision Indonesia Menggunakan Jasa Solutiva

SPI menggunakan jasa Biro Psikologi PT Solutiva Consulting Indonesia sejak 15 Juni 2020 dengan mengirimkan peserta untuk melakukan Psikotes Online.