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CV Sinar Baja Electric

Sinar Baja Electric Group is an extensive loudspeaker manufacturing in Asia, having own in-house facilities. Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, our facilities include voice coil assembly, steel chassis production and finishing, top plate and bottom plate production, cone and spider production, woodworking facilities, and workshop.

Supported by ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016, our ability to manufacture parts combined with our engineering expertise allowed us to deliver clear and authentic sound that fulfills consumer listening satisfaction.

In 2006, Sinar Baja Electric entered a partnership with Scandinavian Audio Research, enhancing the acoustical and cosmetic performance of our products on each level. Our world-class designs, along with our product development strategies, has allowed us to compete among the global standards.

Our dedication in prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust remain unchanged. We continue to exceed customers’ expectations by presenting various prototypes in superior qualities as we are committed to continuously improving our products’ quality.

History of Sinar Baja Electric

Established in 1981 and supported by superior Taiwanese technology, SBE has been successful in producing a variety of drivers ever since. The initial production was 100,000 pcs monthly and targeting at the low-end domestic market. This capability has brought Sinar Baja Electric to be the most complete loudspeaker manufacturers in South East Asia, up till now.

In 1987, with the vision of to be the world class manufacturing, SBE began to distribute loudspeakers to OEM customer in USA. At present, SBE produces a range of different models of finished loudspeakers to Europe, USA, and some Asian countries.

To keep in pace with the highly competition amongst universal loudspeaker manufacturers, SBE started to focus more on the quality improvement as well as the quality of raw material. The company started to develop more facilities which manufactured in house, such as:

In 1981:Voice coil in house production
In 1983:Steel chassis and zinc platting finishing production
In 1985:Steel T yoke production
In 1987:Cone and spider production
In 1990:Plastic injection parts production
In 1991:Steel upper plate production
In 1991:Set up the chassis painting facilities
In 1995:Established new t-yoke factory in China
In 1996:Launched a workshop along with CNC machining to generate superior products
In 2000:Commenced loudspeaker system production with woodworking facilities
In 2006:Created a joint technology with Scandinavian Audio Research™ – Denmark

Address: Jl. Margomulyo No. 5 Surabaya 60185 – Indonesia

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