Biro Psikologi & Pusat Pelatihan Solutiva Consulting Indonesia

PT. Istech Resources Asia (ISTECH) PT. Istech Resources Asia (ISTECH) was established in 1999 by a team of industry professionals with over 70 years of combined experience in the upstream and downstream oil & gas sectors. This industry experience, gained through working directly with operating companies, gives ISTECH a unique edge in understanding client demands. ISTECH’s focus is on delivering integrated project management and engineering services, provided at all project stages ranging from exploration to production, construction to maintenance, upstream and downstream.

ISTECH is committed to building qualified engineering and project management teams to service our clients, and focuses on the highest standard of quality performance irrespective of project size and scope.  Working in close co-operation with our clients, we develop integrated solutions unique to each project, while controlling costs and monitoring deadlines to ensure complete client satisfaction.

ISTECH is committed to exceeding Client expectations when providing our services, while ensuring compliance with our Client’s project specifications, local regulatory requirements, HSE regulations, all the while performing safely, efficiently and with maximum reliability.

Istech Menggunakan Jasa Solutiva

Sejak penandatangan MoU antara Biro Psikologi PT Solutiva Consulting Indonesia dengan PT Istech Resources Asia pada 23 April 2020 yang lalu, hari ini (29 April 2020) Istech resmi mengirimkan kandidat untuk melakukan Psikotes Online di Solutiva Consulting.